the sussex peregrine study


Sussex Peregrine Study was originally established by Bart Atfield and Jon Franklin. Together with a small group of dedicated enthusiasts, Sussex Peregrine Study has been monitoring the peregrine population since the late 1980’s.

Sussex Peregrine Study has documented the post pesticide recovery of breeding pairs in Sussex, UK, collecting data on territory occupation and reproductive statistics.

Comprehensive peregrine records were documented between 1904-54, in the literature of naturalist and oologist John Walpole-Bond. Beyond 1954 evidence shows that, although peregrines were observed, confirmed breeding was rarely recorded and it would seem that the one documented success for 1957 was the last authenticated breeding record for the county until 1990. The 32-year absence of breeding has been attributed to the direct effects of organo-chlorine chemicals.

If you have any peregrine records between the 1950's and 1990 we would be pleased to hear from you.

email: Info@sussexperegrines